Best TOOLS FOR SCALE MODELSThis is just a quick selection of tools i’d recommend all scale model builders to have.

A muddling knife used for cutting. You can get this tire which has a safer retractable blade, well ones that are more like scalpels, get some spare blades with it so you can always keep it sharp. Poly Cement Glue sticks, plastic parts, but do not use it on clear plastic as it will make it go misty. Try and get one with a fine applicator to reduce spells or squeeze a small amount out and apply with a stick or the end of a brush. PVA Glue can be used to stick the clear plastic, and one water down can be used as a semi-gloss coat when applying details. Gets a range of sizes of a paintbrush and make sure for water-based paint their synthetic hair, not natural hair.

Get a good wide brush for large areas and a very fine wall for small details. Filler is need to filling cracks to get very smooth finish filler or get stuff that is specially made for modeling. Some paper can get rid of nasty molding seams and joined by some fine green stuff to get a nice smooth finish as well as some course of pieces to remove big blemishes. Masking tape helps get nice straight lines. Get some that’s made from modeling as it will be higher quality. I’d recommend Tamiya masking tape. Haig’s and clips are very useful for holding parts together while glue drys. But you can also use strips and masking tape. This matte varnish. We’ll get rid of Shane and seal on the calls and washes. It is available in spray cans and pumps. Tweezers help hold small parts. Silver paint is always useful for painting, chipping on models.

Scissors are useful for cutting out decals. Decal solution will help your d calls conform to the model and also stop them. Silver and I would recommend Microscale’s ‘Micro Set’ and ‘Micro Sol’ Decal Solution. Mixing pallets can be any plastic pop picked up around the house. Paper towels are useful for absorbing excess water when applying decals and also for wiping clean and drain brushes. Chuuk soft pistols or charcoal can be used for making exhaust stains and Gunsmoke.

Best TOOLS FOR SCALE MODELSAnd these next few tools I wouldn’t say are essential, but I definitely find them useful to have. Thinners is used with oil-based enamel paints and it’s very useful for thinning that paint and cleaning brushes. Syringes are useful for measuring out small amounts of thinners and paint when mixing them. Fingernail Files are a bit more accurate than suddenly paper and can get into smaller areas. A pin vise holds very small drill that perfect for making small holes.

A pencil can be used to draw on panel lines and guess appreciated look when smudget. Cotton was a very useful for blending paint, making exhaust Steens and removing washes. Gloss varnish is useful for when you want to fall glossy finish. Painting it onto the areas where the decals will go will help stop them silvering. Although as I said earlier, this can be done with PVA glue. Blue tack holds things down or can make handles.

So those all the tools that I use in all of my work. So if you get them all, you’ll be able to build much better models. So I hope this has been a useful point for some of you if you’ve just began the hobby. Hope you enjoyed the reading.